Cafeteria Management

Global corporate working environment has led factories, offices, call centres, hospitals, clubs, hostels and schools to operate their own cafeteria for employees and students. The process of managing the cafeteria menu, attendance and consumption becomes quite challenging. An automated canteen management software is essential for preventing long queues by quick and easy transactions. Moreover, cumbersome and error prone paper based manual processes leads inaccurate results and wastage of time. We offers a one-stop solution for hassle free transaction. A transparent cafeteria management system improves quality of service and reduces arguments.

We provides an automated canteen management system, starting from placing an order to delivery and including payments. Cafeteria Management allows an administrator to create up to 255 menu items for accommodating different types of food items offered in the canteen. This ultimately improves productivity and reduces wastage of food.


  • Automated Cafeteria Management Process
  • Eliminate Human Errors in Accounting
  • Fast and Secure Process through Cashless Transactions
  • Increase Efficiency by Reducing Time and Cost of Ordering
  • Detailed Reports of Food Consumption for Quick Analysis
  • Integrate with Payroll to Reduce Monetary Transaction


Create Menu and Scheduling as per Requirement

Deciding menu on a daily basis proves to be a tedious and time consuming task. The COSEC Cafeteria Management helps plan the food menu smartly. It allows the administrator to create up to 255 food items and pre-schedule 48 different menus for specific days and defined times. This allows a user to select any item from the menu as per requirement.

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