Security services


Gone are the days when security guards were employed merely to open and close the gates. Now the security guards play significant roles not only in high rise residential complexes, offices, hospitals, factories and shopping centres. The guards are also posted to attend to responsible tasks at the reception desks to look after the works of the clients.

This is where Spenswell takes complete control of managing present days’ security needs.

Our security guards are trained in:
1. Operating CCTV systems,
2. Fire fighting
3. Emergency evacuation process
4. Screening the guests & domestic servants
5. Parking lot management services

One of the reasons for the increased rate of crimes has been attributed to the improper screening of the guests / visitors / including domestic staffs. To resolve this issue, Spenswell trains the guards in:-
1. Visitor Escort system
2. Recording all personal details
3. Verify each visitor
4. Authenticating with Mobile phones

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